Custom Size Whitecore Mount and Back


Our custom size mounts are cut from 1400 micron whitecore conservation mount. Each mount also includes an acid free mount card back. We offer a range of 42 of our most popular colours, which you can see below.

We offer sizes up to 80cm x 100cm for ordering online, however if you require a large size than this, or if you are interested in trade prices for large orders, please email us at

Once you have ordered your mounts, we will email you with a dispatch date estimate (usually around 5 working days)

Calculating your mount measurements

A Aperture Width (CM) B Aperture Height (CM)
Remember that there must be an overlap with the image and the aperture, with the image being slightly larger than the aperture. For example, a 20cm x 20cm paper size would require a 18.8cm x 18.8cm aperture.

C Sides (CM) D Top (CM) E Botttom (CM)
These can be equal amounts, or equal with an extra 5mm weighting on the bottom (See below for more about weighting). If you are measuring for a picture with a different aspect ratio to an existing frame, these amounts may be unequal. Once you have entered these amounts, double check the calcuated outside mount size.

Outside Width (CM): 0
Outside Height (CM): 0
Postage Code: 1
Measurement A (Aperture Width) (CM)
Measurement B (Aperture Height) (CM)
Measurement C Sides (CM)
Measurement D Top (CM)
Measurement E Bottom (CM)
NA - Equal Borders
Colour (Whitecore)



If a mounted picture where all the borders are equal is hung on the wall, an optical illusion called foreshortening happens, and the bottom border will appear to be narrower than the top and side borders. This is why when mounting a picture, it is good practice to add 0.5cm extra to the bottom border which counters this optical illusion, so the picture will look balanced and ‘correct’ when hung.

Measuring a Mount to Fit a Frame

When measuring a mount to fit a frame, you must always measure from the back, measuring the backboard or glass size, not the visible glass size at the front, which is smaller due to the rebate of the frame.



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